A Flat Minor Productions


PianoKeys I (1993)

PianoKeys II (2003)

PianoKeys III (2010)

Echoes - 2017



Work Station; 
Yamaha ES8 Main Controller, 
Steinberg Cubase 8 DAW,
48ch EuroDesk MX9000


Vintage Keyboards; 
Top: Roland D50 w/MEX,
Middle: Yamaha DX7IID,
Bottom: Yamaha DX7IIFD w/E!


Contemporary Keyboards;
Top: Nord Lead 2X,
Middle: Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 PE,
Bottom: Roland V-Combo VR-700


Teenage Engineering OP-1
"All-in-one portable wonder synthesizer. 8 Sound Engines,
4 track tape, drum sampler, effects, midi controller,
FM radio and battery built in."


Synthesizer; Sequential Circuits Prophet T8,
Very Rare! Considered by many as the
Rolls Royce of Controller Keyboards.
Purchased in 1988, used as Main Synth / Controller
for over 20yrs!


Gibson G101 Organ
Rock Band Years.

Synthesizer; Arp Axxe,
First synthesizer owned! Monophonic additive synthesis,
used for searing solo's and fat bass. 


Keyboard; Hohner Clavinet D6,   
Classic electro-acoustic instrument, 
used for funky purcussive sound. 


Rhodes Seventy Three Stage Piano
Used during Big Band Jazz years.


Keyboard; Yamaha Clavinova CVP900,
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